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Rates & Calendar

Rates as of July 17, 2018.

Why would you rent a Hotel room when you can stay at the "Poop"? Share with friends & family.

Rates are based on a 28 day minimum rental.We cannot rent by the day or week.  We are in full compliance with Monroe County Code Enforcement. If you require additional days beyond 28, they are pro-rated.

Spring / Summer*/Fall - 2018 -  $4200 

Prime Winter -  2018-2019        - $6200

Spring /Summer* /Fall - 2019    - $5200

*Call for Rates if the 28 day period you are requesting includes:   * Mini Lobster Season

Cleaning Fees / State and County taxes will also be applied.

Rates are subject to change and can vary with season. Our Calendar is updated when bookings are confirmed with a signed lease and rental deposit. We will not accept bookings through email or text messaging. You must call to actually book.

Daniel: (305) 962-8110

Susan:  (810) 923-9618

Email: [email protected]

Here's the serious side of our rental.

PET POLICY:   We have worked very hard to turn this home into a very clean and pretty space for our guests to enjoy. We do except pets, BUT, with EXTREME VETTING

Please take the next  paragraph very seriously, because, we do.

If your pet - gets up on the furniture, or on the beds, chews, suffers separation anxiety by barking all day,or routinely      "soils" on the floor. LEAVE them home. Do not bring them into our home. Your pet deposit will be relinquished and possibly your damage deposit. We love our dogs, they are our family members, but, OUR furniture and bedding is for human enjoyment only. Trust me when I say our Cleaning personnel know if an animal has been on the furniture or bed, and they will inform us.

P.S. We are not absentee owners,we live in the house next door.

Thank You

The Pelican's Calendar - updated when bookings confirmed last update July 17,2018