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Rates as of May 26, 2018.

Why would you rent a Hotel room when you can stay at the "Poop"? There's room to share with friends & family.

Rates are based on a 28 day minimum rental. Additional days are pro-rated.

Spring / Summer/Fall - 2018 -  $4200 

Prime Winter -  2018-2019        - $6200

Spring /Summer /Fall - 2019    - $5200

Call for Rates if the 28 day period you are requesting includes:

* Mini Lobster Season

Cleaning Fees / State and County taxes will also be applied.

Rates are subject to change and can vary with season. Our Calendar is updated when bookings are confirmed. We will not accept bookings through email or text messaging. You must call for bookings.

Daniel: (305) 962-8110

Susan:  (810) 923-9618

Email: [email protected]

The Pelican's Calendar - updated when bookings confirmed (last update May 26,2018)